To our Danish Speaking friends!

Drømmer du om at worldschoole?

Vi har skabt en 3 dages workshop sammen med Luna Maj fra Et Liv i Frihed. 

Luna er en af de personer der i sin tid inspirerede os til at unschoole og siden har hun rejst verden over - Det er Luna og hendes skønne børn du kan se på billedet her!

Nu deler vi sammen ud af vores erfaringer over 3 dage i juni.

Læs om vores workshop her!



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We are a family of full-time travelers, worldschooling nomads, radical unschoolers, digital nomads, and nice human beings who love people and animals.


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On unschooling, vegan food and our travels.

Week 17 Blogpost - 4

Unschooling is just life

Do not keep up appearances

Obviously, it makes more sense to share the more interesting elements, so we share great walks in nature, historical sites, experiments, music, and adventure. All of the amazing stuff out there. And to be honest, there is a lot of it, and it is frequent. But we have to be aware. We might fall into the trap of trying to be “as good as” the next (unschooling) person. 

Unschooling is NOT about how much you can get done or how amazing it all is. Living life as an uns…

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amelie - 1

Beauty is down the road

I took this photo last summer in Rome. Rome has amazing street art, but this one particularly struck me. Beauty is down the road. I don't exactly know, what the artist meant, but I know what it means to me. It is a reminder of something truly important.

We do create our own life. I already talked to two of my children about it today, and it is not even lunchtime. Of course, it is annoying when you want to go for a run, and your body says no (child 1), or you want to take a shower a…

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Social life of Nomads - 1

Do nomads have a social life?

Do you have any friends? This is one of the all times most asked questions we get as a full-time traveling family. In this text, we share the answers and perspectives on the idea of having a social life on the move. We would never have imagined this reality before we left, but now it is our everyday life of adventure.

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Marketing and Pricing tip for your Products and Services

In this interview, Jesper shares how you market your product and yourself, how to start, where to find your clients. And Jesper Conrad knows his stuff - the successful digital marketer and founder of Guru Pricing are not only extremely knowledgeable but also absolutely passionate about marketing and everything business-related!!!

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No! It is not normal to want to leave your children in a nusery or kindergarden

It is not normal. It is wrong.

Have you ever regretted leaving your kid in an institution?

People call it "normal," but is it?

That something is normal means that most people are doing it - it doesn't make it right.

In Denmark, the maternity leave is nine months. After this period, it is considered normal to take your infant, who can't yet speak and who often can't even walk, and place your child in the arms of strangers for up to 8 hours or more per day. Because you know - it is normal - and you want to go back to work, or wh…

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Are we rootless?

Do we need to have a house, a base, somewhere to call home? Will it take too much toll on the children to keep moving? Is it good for us?

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Jesper - Pam

Exploring Unschooling Podcast #295 - With Jesper Conrad

Jesper shares his perspective of their family’s decision to unschool, which began when their now 15-year-old son tried kindergarten. We talk about Jesper’s move from an office job to working from home and some of the paradigm shifts that he’s experienced over the years as a result of questioning the mainstream path.

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