Worldschooling Nomads 

We live an absolutely brilliant life. Really. We are out of the Matrix, out of the box, happy and free. Ready for transformations even bigger, ready to bask on hot rocks and hike in mountains, ready for passion fruits and friendships, ready to be ready.

We Cecilie and Jesper, have four kids + 1 dog:

Liv Ea (b. 1999)
Liv Ea is a published author and she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her boyfriend. They visit and travels with us from time to time.

Storm (b. 2006)
Silke (b. 2009)
Fjord (b. 2012)
Yuna (our dog, b. 2018)


Cecilie Conrad

Cancer-surviving psychologist, former single-parent; co-sleeping, yogi, gluten-free, primarily plant-eating; happily married, stay-at-home, organic barefooted hippie and mother of four, living in a bus, knitting teddy bears and learning languages, counseling and enjoying sunsets.

Jesper Conrad

Father to 4 wonderful children, digital nomad – Self Directed Learner and big unschooling fan, who has been working with digital marketing and business strategy and development for more than 20+ years. Now happy bus-owner and full-time traveler.

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