Let’s talk about fear


Let’s talk about fear.

Often when we meet people, they praise us for being fearless. We are not. We have chosen that fear has no place in our life. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rear its ugly head.

We have talked a lot about fear, Cecilie and I, as the path we have chosen are narrow. We have sold our house, and our kids are unschooled. We travel full-time, and live in a bus – I know – kind of weird and honestly – at times terrifying.

We have even chosen that fear is not part of our life. We want to walk in the light and say no to let fear take over our minds.

But then something like this happens. You would maybe think that I know a lot about cars, as we live in a bus and have a van we travel in as well. I don’t. Well … I got my driver’s license when I was 37. I have never changed a tire in my life. And then, when we, a week before we planned to drive to Denmark, was met by a flat tire – fear reared its ugly head and said hello. I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea.

I got a wonderful piece of advice from a fellow world school husband in 2019 at the world school meetup in Granada.

He said. “Do not worry. You say you know nothing about cars. That is not a problem. Just try, is not so difficult, and if you F*ck it up, it is actually very hard to make such a shitty job, that a professional can not save you.”

So what did we do.

Well, as I didn’t know what to do, Cecilie asked one of our friends, and he helped to get the tire off and told us where we should go to have it checked. We went there and they checked it for free – the valve was broken, so they changed it.

We wanted to pay.

They didn’t want anything – and they even checked our bolts a day later, so we were sure that we had put the tire on correctly.


There are angels everywhere.

Go be an angel. Dare to make mistakes – ask for help and always know that there is someone who can help you.

And the fear part – I still work on that. It is still a goal not to let fear be a part of our lives.

And the next time I am met by a flat tire – I know what to do.

Today I will go out - try to be an angel towards someone else and send the lovely people at the car shop heart-filled wishes.

 May the sun shine on you!


Jesper Conrad

Risk taking with a purpose
Set a date, stop dreaming and start planning


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