Are we homeless?


Technically we are homeless – But the abundance of freedom, the beautiful sunshine, the adventures, and the peace is amazing.

A milestone in our travels was to sell our old home in Copenhagen. Before that, we could reverse the whole project and go back to a lifestyle closer to the mainstream. Before that, we could dream of “coming home”. Before that it was temporary.

After the first year, testing out the lifestyle, we clearly wanted to go on. Living together 24/7 was and is the best part of this lifestyle, and being location independent was such a relief. Moving with the sun, and with our hearts to wherever on the planet we knew to be right for us, was liberating, and we did not at all want to let go of all that beautiful freedom.

So, we sold the house. It felt wild, and we needed to talk a lot about it before we did it, but when it was actually done we never looked back. It is such a relief to not have a house to worry about, no bills, not maintenance, no tenants. And no going back. If we would like to live somewhere it would be a new chapter, not going back to the old one. It felt right.

Technically we are homeless. We have multiple #TinyHouseOnWheels (an 11 meters bus & a VW Multivan – It might not sound like abundance. But it is. The abundance of freedom, the beautiful sunshine, the adventures, and the peace is amazing.

And we know we are always at home when we are together and following our hearts. Our home is not a place, not some walls. Our home is our dreams, our family, our language(s), our connection, our vibration.

May the sun shine on you.


Cecilie Conrad

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