How is a handpan made? Interview with Marc "Lupan" one of the world's best handpan makers.


Meet Mark Lupescu - a celebrated handpan maker and player, known worldwide for his beautiful Lupan Handpans. We love art, music, and people and interview some of the wonderful people we meet. We met Mark in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain where she is now based. 

Have you ever tried the handpan or just listened to it. For me, it was love at first sight. I had seen multiple videos with people playing this wonderful instrument. I believe the first video I saw was with the duo The first time I tried one, I knew there was no going back. We were on #laislabonita - La Palma and a friend had borrowed a handpan and wanted us to try it. Three months later, my first handpan arrived. The peace it gives, the sound, the learning journey of getting to know the instrument and getting better. What a joy.

Our love has kept growing. Now we dedicate a lot of our time to this wonderful instrument. With Ravid Goldschmidt (, we are creating an online platform where people can learn to play the handpan. We are still working on editing the videos, but you can sneak peek here: 

For our course, we are shooting a video on how the handpan is built. The handpan maker we met, Mark Lupescu, was so fantastic and inspiring that we wanted to show more of him to the world. So please enjoy our interview with Mark Mark Lupescu, the creator of the handpan brand Lupan Handpans. 

About Mark

Mark Petersberger Lupescu is a professional musician and harp maker who moved to Barcelona, Spain, in 2008, where he discovered handpans and integrated them into his music. In 2013 Mark started his journey of building handpans. He learned the art of tuning steel thanks to the guidance of master tuner Darren Dyke and as a result of many hours of hammering where he developed his own technique. Having played these instruments in different situations (concert hall, yoga room, open space), he knew which qualities to search in a handpan: stable and equilibrated note fields, nice timbre, good sustain, pleasant overtones. As a perfectionist, he is always seeking to improve these qualities.

Enjoy the interview here

Learn more:

This video is edited by our dear friend Matej Michalec a fellow traveler whom we met in Istanbul. Check out more of his work here:

May the sun shine on you


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