Interview with Raquy Danziger - a celebrated Darbuka performer


We love passion. Passion is what drives you forward as a person, it helps give your life meaning and joy.

When we were in Istanbul we Raquy Danziger - a celebrated Darbuka performer, teacher, and composer known worldwide for her expertise on the Middle Eastern darbuka drum.

We love art, music, and people and interview some of the wonderfully passionate people we meet.

Enjoy our interview with Raquy

About Raquy

Hailing from unlikely Western roots, Raquy has distinguished herself as a unique phenomenon and earned a place of renown in the genre. She has collaborated and performed with some of the most famous Middle Eastern drummers in the world and has given concerts and workshops across the USA, Canada, The Middle East, Asia, Europe, Russia, and South America. Raquy specializes in the Turkish split hand technique. This style was born twenty years ago when the Turkish drummers began splitting the hand, thus attaining unprecedented speed and dexterity. In 2012 Raquy opened her “Darbuka Ofis” in downtown Istanbul, where she trains daily under the direction of her teacher, master drummer Bünyamin Olguncan. Her Ofis has become a center for drumming, attracting drummers from all over the world who flock to Istanbul to learn from Raquy and Bünyamin.

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Learn to play the Darbuka with Raquy:

This video is edited by our dear friend Matej Michalec a fellow traveler whom we met in Istanbul. Check out more of his work here:

May the sun shine on you


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