Nothing will be impossible for you!


I am often met by the notion, the idea: "I am lucky to have this kind of life" - It is not luck. I have chosen to stay in the light!

Let us think about it. My life is amazing, abundance and loads of happiness, it is friendships and love and magic: open doors and miracle meetings, people and inspiration and art and learning the most intriguing lessons.

Am I just crazy lucky?

I don’t think so.

I have made a choice to stay in the light.

I have made a choice to walk with God (you may give His eternal energy whatever name you want.)

I have made a choice to tune my inner radio to receive the most important stuff from the universe, from life. I distinguish clearly between the Devine, which is also The Truth, which is also Reality, which is also The Light – and on the other hand that which is disturbed, narrow, clogged with fear or clouded by the limitations, beliefs, restrictions. Sometimes I call it “the world,” sometimes, “the shadows.” It is not where life is.

Reality is here.

Reality is the beauty of the sunset, the love of our children and friends, the music, the open-mindedness, the fresh air, the people we meet, the things we get to learn, the amazing powers of the cosmos.

I choose to stay in what is real. Really real.

From this point of believing, of knowing, of being, comes everything else.

It is not luck.

It is a choice.

It is the universe answering.

It is the truth.

May the light shine on you.

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