We have SELECTED our options

We have CHOSEN to create a life where we can unschool our children. It is a question of whether it is important enough to fight for.

have often encountered the objection that unschooling is not for everyone – and that is true enough.

It’s only for those who want it. I have heard the objection just as many times that not everyone has the opportunities we have.

Okay – of course, we all have different options in this life, but I need to say:

We have SELECTED our options.

We have CHOSEN to create a life where we can unschool our children.

As we first began to walk down that path, our values ​​became clearer and clearer – and more and more important. Therefore, it has been possible for us to let go of everything else we once thought was necessary, right, important, and/or good, so that we focus on what is important to us.

It has not been easy, nor simple, and it has not been without sleepless nights.

We have worked with our demons, history, finances, dreams, housing situation, and relationships to get to where we are today.

And I say it now:

EVERYONE can do this.

It is a question of whether one is willing to work for it, whether it is important enough to fight for.

For us, it is.

May the sun shine on you.


Cecilie Conrad

On #unschooling: Studying Sokrates and the discipline of logic.


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