Worldschooling: How to Start & How to Afford It

  • Do you dream of leaving the rat race behind? 
  • Are you tired of the same old everyday 9-5?
  • Do you miss to have more time together with your children?

Why not travel full time together as a family? It is possible - we tell you how in these 2 online live masterclasses.

Learn from us - We are Worldschooling 4 kids (aged 10, 13, 16 & 22). Full-time traveling since 2018. We are plant-based, gluten-free, nature-loving, unschooling digital nomads.
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Cecilie and Jesper Conrad

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Saturday June 19 2022
11 am Pacific Time
20 pm Central European Time

What is worldschooling?

  • Different travel models
  • The world is your classroom
  • Worldschooling theory and practice
  • Reflections on the concepts: school, travel, vacation, learning, potential and reality.
  • How to make it a reality?
  • How to afford it?
  • Ask all your practical questions

Sunday June 20 2022
11 am Pacific Time
20 pm Central European Time

Travel stories

  • Stories from the real world: Things that have happened, clarified, survived, explored, learned and learned again.
  • Cecilie and Jesper tell their very different stories as traveling parents full time.
  • There is plenty of room for questions.



Who are the Worldschooling Nomads?  

Cecilie and Jesper have helped thousands of families who want to live in a new way in accordance with their values and in freedom with their children. Cecilie and Jesper share their experiences through workshops, coaching, conversations, blog posts, podcasts as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Now it is your time to meet them live!


Jesper & Cecilie Conrad are the parents behind Worldschooling Nomads. They travel full time together with their kids. The Conrads left behind their career and house when they set off to live a dream life four years ago. They changed their jobs from the classic 9-5 work to a successful location independent digital nomad lifestyle, bought a big red bus, and left the rat race behind to travel the world with their children. The family unschool, they travel full time, they question everything, and they chose a life based on values and passions: love, adventure, personal freedom, strong relations. 

They are extremely social people, open-minded, and consciously take the time to make hard choices in life and make an effort to take responsibility for whatever they set in motion. Freedom and responsibility are a stable couple, with more freedom come more personal responsibility, and the family takes it as a challenge. 

As they dare to live the life they really truly want to live, they make an effort to make this path walkable for others. With their presence, their blogs, and social media they share everything they learn along the way, urging others to let go of fear and start living the life, they really want. They have helped hundreds of people to dare take the step to freedom. 

Cecilie is a trained psychologist and cancer survivor, and Jesper is a storyteller and marketing expert. The couple has four children, ages 10-22, the oldest is an adult living her own life in Copenhagen, she is a published author and joins their travels from time to time.

Cecilie and Jesper Conrad

“Thank you for your time and your thoughts, which have already moved tremendously on the agenda at home. I'm glad we found you.”

Coaching client

How to participate in the course

Everyone can be involved and it does not matter where you are in life


There are limited spaces. We want to be able to answer all questions so we keep it all small. There are only 12 seats on each course day, so hurry to secure your ticket.


Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information and a few worksheets to look at if you can not wait to get started.

Show up and enjoy

Cecilie and Jesper are quite cozy and entertaining, and all you have to do is log in and listen. We happily answer questions, but can certainly talk for hours about our passion: Traveling and living with our children.

Thank you so much for your help and knowledge sharing.


“It is always both exciting and inspiring to be at a workshop with Cecilie. I have seldom met the like of fiery soul and flag bearer. She acts with the heart (without fear!) And possesses an unusual presence as well as a spectacular ability to see clearly. She is one of the most ‘relevant’ and life-wise people I have met in the children’s field.”

Workshop participant

Are you overwhelmed? Is it just too much, the whole thing? The everyday life, the packed lunches, the deadlines, the parent meetings, the vacuum cleaner, the homework?

Do you sometimes think that there could be another reality?

That you could avoid pushing yourself and your children, that you could run a little less hard, or maybe even relax a little? That the world is bigger than curriculum and weekend deals and everyday? That summer vacation is too short, life too big, love too important?

Do you wonder why it has to be that way, IF it has to be that way? Do you see on social media people who just travel around with their kids, people who just have toes in December and who look like they're always the coolest place in the world? Do you think they must be millionaires and otherwise have superpower energy in some way?

So just come and join! All travel starts with the first step and you too can start finding YOUR way! Cecilie and Luna have both traveled and traveled and traveled, and both have a decent handful of children, and neither of them was born in a royal palace. Freedom costs, and there ARE sacrifices, but there is also a path where there is a will, and Cecilie and Luna can help you figure out where YOUR path begins, and also help you find the direction: Where should YOU go? and your family?


You will learn that:

Everyone can worldschool
there is nothing that is difficult
your dream is as good as everyone else's
there is always a solution
you have more options than you can imagine
AND you will have heard a lot of crazy stories from life on the road

Travel full time with your family  

It's possible.

You can do it and we want to help you get started.

We will teach you to find the courage and just do it.

Life does not wait.

You only have the now.

Get the best out of it!


“I got the confidence back and the gut feeling back.

In this life we meet so many rules and raised index fingers, frameworks and systems - often stuck out by different authorities, which makes it quite difficult to find out what is up and down.

Cecilie then just takes life: Straightforward and delicious and views it from a completely different angle. She writes, speaks, advises in a way that connects me to an old knowledge, a primordial force - a love deep inside.

And I get to know that life is really quite simple, that deep down I know well which way I should go. Of course, life is not always simple, but Cecilie makes it simple now anyway, gets rid of all the noise, and gives me back the confidence and gut feeling.”

Coaching client

What Is Worldschooling?

Worldschooling is an educational movement that recognizes that a student can receive no greater education than by experiencing and interacting with the world around them. For families able to make it work, this often involves traveling together and using the journeys to enhance their child(ren)’s education.

While every worldschooling family is unique, some of the sentiments they share in common often include:

  • A desire to travel
  • A wish to introduce children to the wider world around them
  • A holistic approach to learning
  • A preference for experiential learning to solidify knowledge
  • A need for flexibility in exploring children’s talents that traditional schooling cannot provide
  • A desire to understand and become sensitive to other world-views

It’s also important to keep in mind the myriad of ways to incorporate world culture in your child’s education. Some families, for instance, might travel to a country and enroll their children in schools there with the goal of culture and language immersion. Others with the time and resources may choose to travel to multiple countries with their children to gain a wider worldview. Still others may only be able to take the occasional world journey, but will focus heavily on subjects like geography, social studies, and world culture.

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The Masterclasses takes place over 2 days

Date and time

  • Saturday June 19 2022
    11 am Pacific Time
    20 pm Central European Time
  • Sunday June 20 2022
    11 am Pacific Time
    20 pm Central European Time

Online Zoom Masterclass

  • We will meet on Zoom
  • You will receive the links and everything you need once you have signed up.


  • We are here to help you so every day will include a Q&A where you can ask all the questions you have.
  • And we ourselves had loads of questions before we started, so feel free to ask us anything :)

Looking forward to meeting you

If you want to travel full time, then we are just like you. For us it started like everyone else. We where on a vacation and didn't want to go home, so we started to travel more and more and then one day we wanted to go full time - so we ended up buying a bus. The bus was our "ticket out" - it gave us the courage to take the step to travel full time.

No we live a life we don't want a vacation from. Together all the time and we are loving it.

We will share all our experiences with you and believe you will be inspired and ready to start your travels after the masterclasses.

See you soon - With love

Jesper & Cecilie Conrad

Worldschooling Nomads bus

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